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JUST IN - Now providing In House Wellness to University of Winchester Staff from March 2018!


Whilst living in Southern California she scoured the business market and decided to offer Corporates the opportunity to improve the health and working life of their staff.  As she had been an employee of high powered, stressful corporate life for many years she was only too used to long hours at the desk, pressure on projects and workload, as well as hours spent on flights across the Globe to meetings.  At the time it was very new, unheard of almost, and involved a lot of pavement walking - in Southern California a sight to be seen - research and telephone calls, with follow up presentations and meetings.

Ali secured two Corporate locations within the Antelope Valley area of Southern California and started a programme at each location.  At one location, it involved first of all more than 6 months of global background checks (trust me to  have travelled and lived in so many places across the world!), and then finally Ali received my Visitors badge with her photograph on, allowing me restricted access to the Human Resources Department once a week.  In this instance, the treatments were 15 minutes duration: 10 minute treatment with 5 minutes crossover and payment and rebook, back to back for 5 hours (20 members of staff).  I managed the programme with the staff members directly, and confirmed bookings either in person or via email.  The staff members paid me in cash every week.  Ali was allowed to promote the service via emails, and posters were put up in Human Resources and Canteen areas.  I was invited by the Corporate to Staff celebratory events in order to spread the word further afield and also as part of their integration policy. 


At another location, a large Private Healthcare Service Provider, Ali was provided a space shared with a Speech Therapist, and visited that site 2 x per week for 5 hours a time (40 members of staff).  The payment structure and set up was as above, with the exception that the Receptionist would co-ordinate the appointments, and type up the appointment schedule, which would be posted on the door of the space located just off the main Reception area.