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Whilst living in Southern California she scoured the business market and decided to offer Corporates the opportunity to improve the health and working life of their staff.  As she had been an employee of high powered, stressful corporate life for many years she was only too used to long hours at the desk, pressure on projects and workload, as well as hours spent on flights across the Globe to meetings.  At the time it was very new, unheard of almost, and involved a lot of pavement walking - in Southern California a sight to be seen - research and telephone calls, with follow up presentations and meetings.

Ali secured two Corporate locations within the Antelope Valley area of Southern California and started a programme at each location.  At one location, it involved first of all more than 6 months of global background checks (trust me to  have travelled and lived in so many places across the world!), and then finally Ali received my Visitors badge with her photograph on, allowing me restricted access to the Human Resources Department once a week.  In this instance, the treatments were 15 minutes duration: 10 minute treatment with 5 minutes crossover and payment and rebook, back to back for 5 hours (20 members of staff).  I managed the programme with the staff members directly, and confirmed bookings either in person or via email.  The staff members paid me in cash every week.  Ali was allowed to promote the service via emails, and posters were put up in Human Resources and Canteen areas.  I was invited by the Corporate to Staff celebratory events in order to spread the word further afield and also as part of their integration policy. 


At another location, a large Private Healthcare Service Provider, Ali was provided a space shared with a Speech Therapist, and visited that site 2 x per week for 5 hours a time (40 members of staff).  The payment structure and set up was as above, with the exception that the Receptionist would co-ordinate the appointments, and type up the appointment schedule, which would be posted on the door of the space located just off the main Reception area.


Ali returned 'home' with her 2 younger sons at the end of 2009, so they could finish their education in the UK, which is what they asked to do.  

Ali started scouring the businesses in Hampshire to look at further opportunities to introduce, which had now become, quite a mainstream benefit in corporations, In House Wellness.  Ali has a clinic operation which she runs out of her home in Romsey, and one of her patients became interested in introducing the In House Wellness Programme to their staff.  


As a result, Ali is providing In House Corporate Wellness Programmes to 2 businesses, the 2nd one was a referral from the 1st.  In the first business, Ali visits the site twice per month for 4 hours, and sets up in one of the Board Rooms.  As technology has now moved speedily ahead, the staff have a dedicated page on THAW's online booking site, enabling them to book their appointment prior to her arrival.  The sessions are 4 hours, and each session is 15 minutes, roughly 10-12 minute treatment, and turnaround.  

At the second location, Ali visits the site once per month for 3 hours and staff members have a 30 minute slot each.  The treatments are carried out in the 'lunch-room'.  


In both instances the Company pay for the staff's treatment, and the popularity and benefits of the treatments have been clearly documented.

  • In all cases, these services may be tax deductible for the Corporation, and when you add that to all the benefits of these treatments its kind of a win win situation for everyone. 
  • During the treatments, relaxing music is played.   
  • Its usually a quiet area allowing the staff to fully enjoy their treatment.  
  • The staff do not have to remove any item of clothing (with the exception of heavy clothing such as jackets and jumpers for example), so it is very non-invasive.  
  • Ali offers the staff off-site discounts for the themselves and their families, should they wish to, or need to have further treatment.


The benefits of In House Chair Massage have been researched and well documented and include many positives such as:

  • A break away from the desk offering a chance to stretch, refocus and refresh
  • Release of stress around neck, back and shoulders - the result of hours sitting at a desk all day, often in front of a computer
  • An opportunity to talk and clear their heads of things they may not be happy to share with others  - everything about treatments are absolutely CONFIDENTIAL
  • Release of stress hormones, endorphins assisting with relaxation and pumping the heart and body with well needed oxygen
  • Identification of conditions or challenges that may need further care and treatment
  • Improved general wellbeing
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Staff retention
  • Less absenteeism
  • Employee loyalty
  • And many other benefits.
Please phone 01794-501519, Email [email protected] if you would like a custom on-site Wellness Programme package proposal.  No site too big or too small*
*minimum 2 hours.